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Truck crashes on Melbourne freeway, spilling 20 tonnes of Chicken McNuggets

No, they didn’t rain down from the sky. A truck containing 20 tonnes of chicken nuggets overturned whilst transporting our fave golden treat to a local Macca’s.

Although it may sound like the dream scenario for many, the collision actually caused huge disruption on Melbourne’s Hume Freeway at 11:20pm last night.

The truck hit a parked car in the emergency stopping lane, which was thankfully unoccupied, before hitting a barrier and overturning across the northbound lanes.

Speaking to Channel 9 News, Sgt Dean Pickering issued a statement warning commuters of the risks of emergency lanes.

“…[the car] was demolished 15 years of the highway patrol, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car that badly damaged. The message that we would say is that emergency lanes are dangerous.”

The only casualties were the chicken nuggets, as the truck driver (and his dog) escaped the wreckage without major injury.

If you’re worried your local Macca’s might not have enough Chicken McNuggets for your weekend treat, don’t worry, the company released a statement reassuring their customers that stocks won’t have been affected by the collision.

“The good news for customers is there is plenty of other stock of McNuggets and we don’t expect any impact in our restaurants.”


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