Burnout Paradise Remastered brings a visual overhaul to a nostalgic classic

The Burnout franchise returns for one its most hotly anticipated titles – and its first in seven years.

This is not a new release per say, since EA and Criterion Games are getting on board the ‘what’s old is new again’ train with a shiny re-release of Burnout Paradise.

Remastering and re-releasing titles seems to be the trend of the past 18 months with publishers and developers dusting off the cobwebs to reinvent old classics in the modern age of high definition, high quality and somewhat high-priced gaming.

Burnout is such a classic series for gamers in the era of the Playstation 2 and the original Xbox, so it was only a matter of time before EA followed the direction of other successful remakes.

It’s been a whole seven years since the commercial flop that was Burnout Crash!, a title that sent the series into a bit of a hiatus.

I was more of a Burnout 3: Takedown kind of guy when I was younger, but Paradise has always been regarded as one of the top titles, if not the top title, of the eight-game series.

The open world spectacle of Paradise City, of course backed by the Guns N’ Roses classic hit of the same name, is made even more picturesque and stunning with the new graphics makeover.

In terms of gameplay, the online facet of the game is the key attraction for fans of pure racing, with a mountain of competition that can be picked up all across the map at any time.

The layout, style and competition of the original game has been tweaked slightly, but most of the attention sits in the range of cars, bikes, vans, open-wheelers and basically any other kind of vehicle you can think of.

The look and handling of the machines up for grabs as well as the obvious high-def tweaks to the overall look of the game are the talking points, and that’s not pleasing to everyone who was hoping for drastic changes to the content of the game.

The thing with a game like Paradise, though, is that you don’t really need huge alterations to the original, because fans of the series already know what’s up for grabs. It’s a remastering, not a brand new title in the series.

Burnout veterans will come for the nostalgia and stay for the visual spectacle, while casual racing fans will come for outstanding open world gameplay and stay for the adventure of discovering an absolute pearler of a title they may have missed when it was first released a decade ago.

Just three days after release, Burnout Paradise Remastered was already dangling between second and third spots on the Australia sales charts and remains in the top 10 at time of writing.

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