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We speak to the brains behind Low Income, Single Dad Cars

Behind The Page is a new Techly series where we have a chat with the masterminds behind our favourite Facebook pages. This week: Low Income, Single Dad Cars.

If you’re not across Low Income Single Dad Cars, then hurry up, head over there and sort your shit out.

The premise is pretty straight-forward – photos of battler cars accompanied by classic phrases from battler dads.

The posts come sporadically and rarely with more than a few words – but with over 100,000 Facebook mates and some of the best content on the Internet, it’s living prood that sometimes less is more.

We had a chat with the founder/admin/legend, Brodie, about the story behind the page:

Where did the idea for the page come from? How did it blow up?

The idea for the page came when I was warning my now girlfriend how much of a bomb my car was before I picked her up for the first time – I described it as a low income, single dad car.

I thought that’d be a heaps niche meme page and that there would be people all over the country who drive these shit cars thinking the same thing. I matched it with my experience growing up with separated parents and that’s the end result.

It was up a month or two and then one of my good mates sent it into Brown Cardigan, they posted it and then it went wild.

Can you talk us through the key features of a low income, single Dad car?

– Pre-2006 model

– Some kind of strange noise when performing a regular driving manoeuvre,

– Inconsistent air-conditioner

– Dents & Stripped paint

– A different colour door + fur cover seats are a bonus

What is it about low income, single dad cars that people froth over?

I think it’s that kind of Australian bogan culture that everyone always low-key froths over, coupled with relatable quotes that their parents have definitely yelled at them.

I think i’m hitting a niche that for some reason hadn’t directly been hit yet in meme-world.

Talk us through the team behind LISDC – is it just you? What are you doing with yourself when you’re not running a highly successful, niche Facebook page?

Ah yeah, it’s just me! I run the social media/marketing and help create content for a couple of venues and festivals in NSW!

How the hell do you keep churning out so many perfect, single dad phrases? Intense all-day brainstorming sessions? Are they crowdsourced?

Most of them come pretty naturally purely from experience though I’ve definitely had help with friends chiming in with some hot content.

I also get heaps of cars and quotes sent in on the reg so if there’s ever one that is too good not to share, I’ll definitely share it.

I think the best part is that people have so many suggestions because i’ve triggered some backlog of quotes they forgot about.

Favourite post?

“Go back, they forgot the chicken salt again”

If you could have any LISDC, what would it be?

2004 champagne Hyundai Elantra with a crack in the windscreen (my car)

Thoughts on the parody account?

Mum’s new boyfriend.

What are some of your favourite Aussie social media accounts?

HANDBALL MEMES, Brown Cardigan, Betoota Advocate, Hello Social, LWA, Pedestrian TV etc etc.

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