This Aussie bloke is skipping home ownership to retire at 35

By the time they retire, the average Australian full-time employee will have spent about 75,000 hours of their life working.

But what if it didn’t have to be the way? What if the idea that we go to school for 13 years, Uni or TAFE for three then work till we’re 65 isn’t the only way we had to go through life.

Better yet, what if financial independence, that is, being wealthy enough to live without working – wasn’t just reserved for obnoxious little trust fund kids…but a reasonable goal for the average Australian.

Those are the questions Pat Seyrak has asked himself, and reckons he has the answers to.

The 30-year-old-engineer from Sydney has a radical plan to retire at 35 by skipping home ownership and saving aggressively.

But this decision isn’t just the flippant whim of another entitled, millennial – it’s a profoundly complex and meticulously calculated decision to try to get the most out of his time on this earth.

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