Featured Image for Google Maps has a hidden Mario Kart feature you NEED to know about

Google Maps has a hidden Mario Kart feature you NEED to know about

Google Maps is no stranger to sneaky Easter eggs, and we’re getting something special to celebrate “Mario Day”.

For a limited time, users who fire up Google Maps for GPS directions can now use a Mario Kart position indicator for the duration of their journey.

To live out your childhood dream of being involved in a real Mario Kart race, simply update your Google Maps app on your smartphone and select a destination.

After you request directions, select the ‘?’ next to the Start button and instead of your usual arrow, you should find your position has transformed into a mini Mario sitting in his iconic red kart.

If you love all things Mario but aren’t sure when “Mario Day” is (it’s okay, we forgive you), we’re sorry to say you missed it – everyone already celebrated on March 10!

But don’t worry, the update is reported to be available all week. In fact, in true Google fashion, they aren’t revealing when exactly it will be removed from the app.

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Google announced the addition on its blog, but was sure to remind Mario fans:

“[Mario will] be a constant companion wherever you’re driving this week — to work, to school, or the spaghetti house.

“Just remember to practice safe driving on the road — we don’t encourage throwing bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life!”

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