Featured Image for Elon Musk just shared a spine-tingling short film about the Falcon Heavy launch

Elon Musk just shared a spine-tingling short film about the Falcon Heavy launch

Elon Musk said it, and Elon Musk delivered it. The entrepreneurial mastermind posted a two-part Instagram video of the Falcon Heavy launch, created by the team behind Westworld.

Now available in its full form on YouTube, the short film captures the launch of Falcon Heavy without glossing over the highly publicised loss of the core booster, which failed to land on a drone ship after detaching from the rocket post-launch.

In the unofficial guide to short-films-of-rocket-launches, it clearly states the only suitable soundtrack is David Bowie.

And SpaceX didn’t disappoint, using the iconic Life on Mars as a soundtrack for the film.

The short film may have been a different angle for the Westworld team, but they showcased their ability to create an eclectic film portraying the time, effort and process of the Falcon Heavy launch as if we were involved ourselves – and let’s face it, we wish we were.

The Instagram posts went live shortly after the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, where Elon Musk made an appearance on the Westworld panel.

Appearing in an interactive Q&A, Musk gave us some food for thought and proved once again why he’s the leading man of the technological era.

“There are a lot of terrible things happening all over the world, all the time. There are lots of problems that need to get solved. There’s lots of things that are miserable and kind of get you down,” Musk said.

“But life cannot just be about solving one miserable thing after another. That can’t be the only thing. There need to be things that inspire you, that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity.”

I think we should all be taking a leaf out of Elon Musk’s book.

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