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The five things we love most about the Xbox One S

People have been absolutely frothing over the Xbox One S since it came out, so over here at the Techly offices, we thought it was high time to give it a burn.

While it’s safe to say there’s been a direct negative correlation between the console landing in our games room and overall workplace productivity, we’ve been pleasantly surprised that the One S lived up to the hype.

The younger brother of the XBox One delivers what Xbox fans were hoping for and competitors were dreading – a sleeker, faster version of the OG console jam-packed with specs that don’t stuff around.

Here are the five things we loved most about the Xbox One S:

The graphics are amazing

We’ve never seen games look this good before.

The One S is the first major console to be 4K-ready, and if you’re lucky enough to have a 4K TV – you’re in for a treat.

If you want to dive into the nerdy deets, Digital Foundry cracked one open to see how they were doing it:

The GPU clock-speed has been upped from 853 MHz to 914 MHz, as has the eSRAM bandwidth to cope with the increase in data flow.

This results in an increase in the graphics throughput from 204GB/s to 218 GB/s.

To translate for normal people: it looks fucking sick.


You can use your smartphone as a keyboard

The keyboard for game consoles are notoriously a pain in the arse, and this just might be the most elegant solution we’ve seen.

All you’ve gotta do is download the Xbox app (Android/iOS), and you’ve got yourself a wireless keyboard.


It goes beyond that though, you can also use the app as a control to navigate through all of the features (except game streaming, obviously).

You won’t need to hook anything else up to your TV

The Xbox One S also does a great job of becoming a one-stop-shop for all your screen-based entertainment.

They’ve thought of everything, armed with an HDMI input at the back of the console, a Blu Ray player as well as compatibility with a range of apps.

This means you can watch movies, use Foxtel Play, stream Netflix or hook up your laptop.

And for all your guilty pleasures (I see you over there watching MAFS and MKR), you can also watch Free-To-Air TV through the console which is a nice little touch.

At a time where technology is becoming increasingly fragmented and complex, having an all-in-one entertainment player is a great way to simplify it all.

Stream to your PC

Your roommate’s annoying friends in the loungeroom, or just prefer to play on your PC?

No worries.

As long as you’ve got Windows 10, you can stream games from the console to your computer.

It doesn’t even technically have to be connected to a TV, you can just have it plugged into a power source and stream away.

The only thing worth keeping in mind is that the console and your PC have to be connected to the same WiFi network.

XBox one streaming to PC

The little details

Sometimes the little things are the most important.

While changing or upgrading devices can be annoying as all hell, moving to the Xbox One S is a relatively painless process.

All Xbox One games are compatible the with the One S, as are the wireless controllers.

If you’re going to use a Kinect sensor though, you will have to get your mits on a Kinect Adapter.

Finally, the vertical positioning stands that comes with some (not all) Xbox One S packages is a really clever little accessory that lets you prop the console up vertically – a ripper feature if you’re pressed for space.

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