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This plastic hand isn’t flipping the bird: Its purpose is far more unsettling

Well, it’s not actually flipping the bird, but it sure looks like it.

This conceptual tool for women, dubbed “The Seeding Finger”, allows users to impregnate themselves with a hand-shaped pump.

The device was designed by Korean artist and designer Koo Hyeonjeong, who describes the creation as a “new paradigm of sexual reproduction”. The bizarre tool is modelled to resemble a human hand with an enlarged middle finger through which the sperm travels.

More reminiscent of a prop from a David Cronenberg film than a medical device, the hand consists of a pouch that holds the sperm, a tube that the sperm travels through and a stem that can be inserted into the vagina.

Those adventurous enough to try it just have to load the pouch with sperm, insert the middle finger into the vagina, squeeze the hand to pump and voilá! They’ve been impregnated.

“Through the Seeding Finger, people will interpret familism and individualism as a transformation of familism through dialectics of familism and autonomy, not as a mutual confrontation,” Hyeonjeong explains on her website.

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The Seoul-based artist devised The Seeding Finger as a way to defy the traditional concept of family and generate a discussion around our current notion of pregnancy.

The artist says her invention will “maximise women’s enjoyment, subjectivity and independence”.

“As women can become pregnant by themselves, the existing family ideology such as a single-parent family and same-sex family will change.

“The discourse that Seeding Finger will bring will be a catalyst to redefine the relationship and reality among people.”

Hyeonjeong studied industrial design at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, and often works on projects with health-related themes.

She previously designed the creepy-looking Co-Incubating System for premature babies; the Tetra Pot, a very stylish water bottle that measures the cortisol levels in the saliva; and the Arche Chair”, a transparent chair that gives the impression it defies gravity.

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