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This guy spent $2000 on a drunken Uber and we’re feeling his regret

The good news is that Kenneth Bachman got home safe from his mate’s house party. The bad news? It cost him $2000.

In this new technological era we’re living in, money has never been so easy to spend. Apple pay, a ‘wallet’ on your Android – you don’t even need to take your card to the ATM anymore.

It’s the stuff of the future, and for those mornings when you’ve woken up after a night out and checked your bank balance, the stuff of nightmares.

But have you ever spent $2000 on your trip home?

Because that’s what happened to Kenneth Bachman, who, in his drunken haze, managed to order an Uber XL from the party in Morgantown, West Virginia to his home in Sewell, New Jersey.

According to Google Maps, that’s a short 490km ride home.

Speaking to CBS Philly about the five-hour trip, Kenneth admitted he didn’t quite recall making the decision but woke up in the back seat to an older bloke telling him they were about an hour out from Jersey.

Obviously, this accidental life choice has made Kenneth quite the hero of the drunken regrets world, and speaking on the matter he said simply, “I was just like… that’s crazy!”.

It turns out drunk texting isn’t the only reason our friends need to take our phone away on a night out.

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