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A Sardinian town is proposing a ban on towels to save their beach

Leaving the beach covered in sand isn’t something anyone enjoys, but it’s often the inevitable result of any coastal foray. 

But now one of Sardinia’s most popular beach towns has had enough.

La Pelosa beach is arguably one of the best beaches of Europe. Just two kilometres away from the harbour village of Stintino, in peak season its shallow turquoise waters and stunning white sands can attract thousands of visitors per day.

But all that traffic isn’t necessarily a good thing. Aside from the obvious annoyance that is a crowded beach on a hot day, the inflow of people also results in an outflow of sand when everyone eventually leaves – towels, bags, bodies and sandals all caked with precious white dust.

To prevent beach deterioration, Mayor of Stintino Antonio Diana has proposed a ban on towels, with folding chairs and mats available for rent in replacement.

But that’s not all. The idea of a ban on large bags has also been floated, with, you guessed it, replacement bags available for rent.

Diana has also already signed off on measures that will limit access to the beach. The road will be replaced with a foot- and bike-path, while the beach itself will gain a raised pedestrian walkway to help maintain the sand.

According to The Local, people from the surrounding towns aren’t happy with the changes, believing them to be a way for the mayor to turn Stintino into a wealthy tourist resort town.

However, La Pelosa isn’t the first place to try and preserve itself against the damaging effects of overcrowding. Can you really blame them?

Lead image: Stintino, Sardegna, Italy. (Flickr/Roberto Ferrari)

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