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Kayaker casually continues to fish with mates after shark drags him into the ocean

When the police knocked on Brett Palmer’s door, he was surprised to say the least.

According to 9News, Palmer soon discovered that he was feared dead after his kayak was discovered floating near Cliff’s Beach, Balnarring.

But the experienced fisherman told the police that after being attacked by a shark, he had simply kept fishing before going home to bed.

Palmer was out fishing with his mates at around 2:30am Sunday morning when he hooked a 40-kilogram seven-gill shark.

The shark dragged Palmer into the water before he was rescued by his mates, and the maniac paddled his kayak back to shore so he could keep fishing with them.

When he returned later to pick up his kayak, the tide had taken it out to sea. Palmer did not report the vessel missing but assumed it had been stolen.

Concerned fishermen discovered the kayak floating in the sea and alerted the authorities. A full-scale search ensued, culminating with a knock on Palmer’s door on Sunday morning.

“Kayaks do tend to be over-represented in marine deaths and certainly we feared the worst,” water police spokesman Glenn McKenzie told 9News.

Palmer was apparently oblivious to the fuss he had caused. He told 9News that his kayak had had “enough time in the water” and that “she needs to get home and get loved up a bit.”

It is unclear what Palmer’s exact relationship with his kayak is.

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