Featured Image for This live stream of adorable squirrel gliders will solve all your problems

This live stream of adorable squirrel gliders will solve all your problems

Having a bad day? In need of some positive vibes? Just want to see something cute? Guess what, you’re in luck.

If you’re anything like me, you woke up this morning entirely unaware that ABC TV is live streaming a pack of squirrel gliders having a snooze.

A kind Redditor going by ‘moochops’ shared this wonderful nugget of information earlier today and we are not disappointed.

At the time of writing, the adorable little things are squirming around all over each other in an effort to get comfortable.

The video description reads, “In a suburban backyard in Brisbane, tiny squirrel gliders sleep through the day and then in the night time use a ‘gliding gym’ to practice their glides and forage for food.”

So, basically, you can tune in during the day to watch them cuddle together for some shut-eye and crawl around their cubby, then you can check back in at nighttime to see them going berserk and flying all over the place.

Brb going to spend another four hours glued to this YouTube channel (shh, don’t tell my boss).

You can find more wildlife goodness from the ABC here.

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