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These interactive charts prove Quentin Tarantino really loves swearing

Quentin Tarantino is known for making movies that don’t shy away from violence or obscenity.

The media has been on Tarantino’s case about this for years: he has been criticised for using the n-word too much and by people who think there is a connection between on-screen and real-life violence.

For example, things got particularly heated in a now-infamous interview with British journalist and serial d-bag Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Back in 2015, statistics site FiveThirtyEight decided to look deeper into Tarantino’s approach to swearing and violence and comprehensively catalogued every scene with curse words and bloodshed.

When it comes to violence, the Bride’s fight with the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill Volume 1 is unsurprisingly the high point (FiveThirtyEight counts a totally of 63 deaths in that film).

The Tarantino film with the most swearing probably also won’t come as much of a shock to you: Pulp Fiction. Of all Tarantino’s films, Pulp Fiction is the most likely to work well as an audiobook given that it’s primarily dialogue-driven.

FiveThirtyEight counts a total of 469 swear words in Pulp Fiction, but the film also has among the least deaths (7). Kill Bill Volume 1, on the other hand, has the least curses (57). So it seems that the more characters swear, the less they kill.

Recently, data scientist Stephen Black took the FiveThirtyEight swearing data and created some neat visualisations using Tableau, a web-based data visualisation service.

Black used Tableau to create a word cloud of the swear words used, or a “swear dashboard”, which allows you to track filthy language in different movies. He also created an overall summary of Tarantino’s potty mouth – here are some highlights:



Motherfucker use

We have the technology.

motherfucker Tarantino


All Tarantino swears

Notably, this data set does not include The Hateful Eight, which was released after FiveThirtyEight did its analysis.

If you have no plans for the weekend, feel free to count the swears in this movie and send them to FiveThirtyEight – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

To play around with the visualisations, visit Black’s Tableau.

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