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This smart shower starts remotely, connects to Spotify and saves water

We all know technology is accelerating change, and a startup called Livin is intent on bringing that change into your home.

The San Francisco-based company is aiming to convert regular household appliances into smart devices that both improve our lifestyle and take it easy on the environment.

Livin just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of their first product, the Livin Shower, which the company promises will turn your precious showering time into “a holistic moment”.

“Livin Shower is a new type of shower control that lets you start your shower with just a press of a button at the perfect temperature while saving water,” reads the description on the product’s crowdfunding page.

“The new shower integrates software technology with elegant hardware to improve your holistic shower experience.”

Their offering is a smart shower that’s able to receive voice commands via Amazon Echo or Google Home. The Livin Shower can track water use, water temperature and shower duration, promising to save up to more than 7000 litres per year for the average household.

Before you step into the shower, you can use your smartphone to configure your desired temperature and music playlist. The shower quickly warms up before you get in, ensuring you don’t have to waste water turning the knobs left and right like a mad machinist until you manage to get that perfect sweet spot.

As soon as the shower has reached the desired temperature, it holds the flow of water until you get under it.

The app allows you to create up to 10 profiles, each with its own set temperature and music. The Livin Shower even caters to babies and little children: the app has a “Safety lock” feature that limits the temperature to a predefined level.

Best of all, Livin says you don’t need a plumber to install their smart shower. In fact, all you need are a couple of basic tools and 15 minutes to spare.

The Livin Shower is currently available on Kickstarter, starting at US$299. The showers will reportedly ship in autumn 2018 with a retail price of US$599.

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