Featured Image for These are the five most promising gadgets showcased at CES 2018

These are the five most promising gadgets showcased at CES 2018

Again, we’re at that time of the year where the biggest tech companies in the world gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest gadgets and inventions.

The Consumer Electronics Show is here and we’ve rounded up five of the most interesting products Sin City saw in 2018.

TestDrop by Lishtot

At first glance it looks more like a guitar pick or a little keychain remote. This almost magical device is able to determine if water is safe to drink without even touching it by analysing the electric field around it. The manufacturer claims it has 100% accuracy – neat!

Awesome user video from one of our customers using the TestDrop Pro. #waterfilter #waterislife #cleanwater #knowyourwater

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Some weird robots from Honda

At CES 2018, Honda unveiled its new 3E Robotics Concept, the company’s vision of a society fully integrated with our artificial assistants. As part of the new project they presented 3E-A18, a robot capable of social empathy. In the demo, the robot’s face was able to change its expression as it greeted the crowd. Yep, creepy but cool.

The Wall, Samsung’s 146-inch TV

Samsung has developed a multipurpose 146-inch TV they call “The Wall”. The company states users can alter its size and shape by snapping other screens to it, LEGO style.

In the demo, the TV rendered what appeared to be a normal TV signal in the centre of the massive screen while the surrounding area displayed an image of the wall the TV was mounted on, blending the whole thing like a chameleon. Woah.

Blade, Vuzik’s augmented reality glasses

Vuzix Blade augmented reality glasses have a larger field of view than Google Glass and the manufacturer states it has a sharper and brighter display. They support Alexa, have a built-in 8MP camera and are the coolest looking AG glasses in the market right now.

Far from making you look like dorkier version of Lewis from “Revenge of the Nerds”, they actually turn you into Tony Stark.

Byton Concept Car

Byton’s first car will have a curved, 49-inch LCD display running across the dashboard that allows the driver to operate the vehicle’s functions via gesture control. The SUV, which is scheduled to hit the production line in late 2019, will be equipped with 5G connectivity and will be able to drive itself.

SmartSleep from Philips

This awkward-looking headset emits tonal frequencies that allegedly help you get the most out of your sleep. The company states it improves slow wave sleep, the stage in the sleep cycle where brain activity and breathing are at their lowest levels.

Philips says going to bed with the headband will boost your alertness and focus the next day.

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