Featured Image for Watch this model jet reach INSANE speeds of up to 727km/h

Watch this model jet reach INSANE speeds of up to 727km/h

If you’re not a model jet kind of person, you will be after you watch this video.

[Skip to 2:20 for liftoff and wait for it to speed up, or check out the epic bank turn at 3:41]

Even though the model jet itself is wildly impressive with its sleek design and epic function, people in the YouTube comments section seemed to be far more impressed by the cameraman and pilot.

Many people were saying things like, “You must be superhuman to see this little thing up in the air and control it.”

Another commenter regarded the cameraman and the pilot as supernatural beings by stating, “The cameraman is as much as a god as the pilot!”

And we agree!

Did anyone else wonder if they had practiced that exact flying pattern before? If they hadn’t, how in the world was the cameraman able to follow the plane so well?

There is only one answer: Superhuman. Definitely superhuman.

Before long, another commenter chimed in and made a rather brilliant request, pleading, “Please build one with a Go-pro camera in it.”

Now THAT would be epic.

But I will end with a different commenter’s invitation:

“Imagine if that thing smashed into you going at full speed.”

Um, we would rather not, TheLunatic19.

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