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Japan has invented a ‘poo button’, any questions?

Just when you think Japan can’t come up with any more wonderfully useless inventions, they raise the bar.

The country that brought you the Banana Case, Chopstick Fan and Noise-Cancelling Fork have done it again.

The imagineers at Japan’s 144Lab have come up with a device they call the “Unko Button”, which Rocket News reports is being marketed to new parents.

The Unko Button pushes notifications to social media to inform people when your little treasure has successfully done his or her business.

It is calibrated with LINE, which is a hugely popular messaging app in Asia. Presumably, you would have it set up to notify your partner – unless you are interested in having your wider social circle know of your infants’ bowel movements.

Here’s the demo video of how it works. It’s not in English but you’ll get the idea:

There’s a lot of great things about that video, but the best part is how happy the father looks upon learning his kid has pooped. He’s at work, but he stops what he is doing to enjoy the moment:

dad unko

“My kid poops!”

Although it’s called the Unko Button, it can also handle number ones so that you can track your child’s pee. All excretions are recorded in an app, with the exact time and date the motion was recorded. You can also add notes for the uh, quality, of the excretion.

Since they went with blue drops for urination, it kinda looks like a weather forecast gone horribly wrong:

unko app

This week’s weather looks crap.

According to the product’s crowdfunding page, 144Lab hopes that the Unko Button will promote good health but also encourage dads and members of the extended family to take a more active approach to child rearing. [Note: This was discerned using Google Translate].

The Unko Button can also be set to record other things such as exercise or chores. The possibilities are endless.

This isn’t the first time Japan has revealed a poo obsession.

The country has produced poo-themedpoo-themed video games, restaurants, beauty products and a museum. Then there was smartphone toilet paper.

There’s even a toilet god and toilet rituals.

Never change, Japan.

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