Featured Image for Twitter is completely freaking out over Sydney’s train chaos

Twitter is completely freaking out over Sydney’s train chaos

Sydney train commuters are facing a third day of chaos today as trains report further cancellations.

The North Shore Line seems to be the worst affected with multiple services cancelled this morning.

Other lines appear to be up and running.

Sydney commuters suffered a day of absolute chaos yesterday. There were reports of massive overcrowding and indefinite delays on numerous lines.

Furious commuters have taken to Twitter to show how messed up things are and vent:

There is some debate around who is to blame, but it looks like the state government is ultimately responsible.

ABC News reports that Sydney Trains management began by blaming the delays on train drivers taking sickies, and maintenance on tracks disrupted by bad weather.

But the Rail, Tram and Bus Union says that no spike in sick leave would cause that kind of chaos, accusing the Sydney Trains of “demonising” drivers.

According to the union, the chaos was caused by a lack of trains and a new timetable that was rushed out.

“We all know that we needed more trains. The problem is that they’ve gone ahead and made promises for all these new trains when the growth trains aren’t ready yet,” said Union representative Alex Classens.

“They’ve had to go out, we’ve had to bring trains out of mothballs, there’s no spare trains in the system and there’s no spare drivers and guards so of course it’s going to be a problem when people get tired, rushed and fatigued.”

Twitter has been quick to take the side of the union, with many tweeting shade at the state and city government:

One user, who claims her brother is a Sydney Trains driver, came up with a nine tweet thread explaining the meltdown as being the result of severe staff shortages coupled with breakdowns and the unveiling of a new, untested timetable:

There are some signs that things are returning to normal, but Sydneysiders are advised to check with stations for the latest information.

Image: Twitter, @_chloealyce

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