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Sydney apartment hunters are providing resumes and references for their pets

Scoring a nice pad in Sydney’s competitive housing market can be tough and apartment hunters are pulling out all the stops to get one.

According to a report by Domain, Sydneysiders are now providing resumes and references for their pets in order to make sure they aren’t denied a place to live.

The resumes include photos, basic info about the pet and some notes about temperament and grooming. Probably full of lies like most human resumes.

For example, “high energy” probably means “will tear everything in sight to bits” on a dog resume.

That’s comparable to the way “looking for a new challenge” means “I’m bored to death of my current job” in the two-legged world.

You can always rely on New York to take it up a notch, and over there it’s apparently pretty common for dog interviews to take place.

“It says here you can catch a frisbee, Bluey. Tell me more about that.”

dog driving

I have no idea what I am doing.

Thankfully, Sydney hasn’t gone that far yet. But Eastern Suburbs General Manager for Jamesons Strata Management Paul Culbi told Domain that “meet and greets” do happen in Sydney.

“Most places have just got the [pet] application process in place and if the community or building managers aren’t too sure they’ll get the pet in and meet them. [But] interview scenarios would be limited by timing issues.”

Timing is the only issue here, folks. Not that fact that we are now interviewing dogs.

Although it is common knowledge that all dogs are Good Bois and Girls, they can hurt apartment hunters’ chances of getting a paw in the door.

While it seems to be more prevalent in Sydney, more than 50,000 users across Australia have uploaded pet resumes to rent.com.au.

Just to get ahead of this trend, I’m drafting up something for Cooper, our 15-year-old Red Heeler.


Cooper indulges in his favorite extra-curricular activity.

Cooper, Red heeler X something.

Age 15. Likes: Bolognese, walkies, sleeping.

Hates: Cats, having his photo taken.

Hobbies: Licking himself.

Extra curricular activities: Rolling.

Strengths: Gentle. Lovely personality, seems to be immortal. Turning 16 next month.

Weaknesses: Always hungry and will follow you around for food, you might trip over on him. Breath stinks.

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