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Japanese police nab a guy growing bonsai marijuana plants in his apartment

Authorities in Japan have captured a man in Osaka who was growing weed in his apartment using traditional bonsai techniques.

Police confiscated 21 beautifully trimmed potted plants and 212 grams of marijuana.

Cannabis culture is extremely limited in Japan compared to Australia. Law enforcement there has a zero-tolerance policy towards all drugs, and as you would expect, penalties are severe. No doubt at least partly due to this, there is a strong aversion to recreational drug use in Japanese society.

A first-time offender can easily get up to five years in prison, as well as from being blacklisted for jobs and higher education. Marijuana consumption is so rare in the land of the rising sun, that arrests related to weed possession make the news.

And the law is even harder on foreigners. Offenders can expect long sentences, outrageous fines and solitary confinement. Even huge celebrities like The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney have been denied entrance to the country in the past for previous charges of drug possession in their home countries.

Cannabis Bonsai

Satoshi Ohashi, a 35-year-old sanitary worker decided to use traditional Bonsai techniques to grow a crop he states was intended for personal use.

A typical cannabis plant can stretch up to a metre high, but Ohashi’s bonsais were barely 40 centimetres tall. Police says his “decorative” garden is worth some 1.2 million yen, around AU$13,000.

The janitor says he carefully trimmed and pruned his weed bonsais in order to make the most out of his tiny apartment, and stated with pride it was the first time he “produced such a great crop.”

The police said Ohashi was inspired to start his cute little bonsai weed farm five years ago after researching on the internet.

We reckon these little cuties would be a total success on this side of the globe…

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