Featured Image for This Kickstarter is offering a super knife made out of a NASA-approved metal alloy

This Kickstarter is offering a super knife made out of a NASA-approved metal alloy

A California startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce what they call the “first knife-making innovation in over 200 years.”

Adam Ackerman, an amateur cook himself, is the CEO of Habitat, the American company responsible for Habitat 2.0, a pack of Santoku and paring knives they promise will be revolutionary.

The makers claim their knives are made of a patented metal alloy developed by Caltech and tested by none other than NASA. This alloy is allegedly twice as strong as titanium, and is so resistant these knives will stay sharp five times longer than a traditional kitchen utensil.

Last year they ran a similar campaign to produce their first product, a chef’s knife with a blade made of the same material. The funding goal was surpassed and the response was so positive they were encouraged to come back to introduce these two new styles.

“Knife manufacturers have tried to address the same problems for centuries. The steel may be too soft, the knives get dull quickly, they need lots of maintenance, and they may react with food. Ceramic knives have problems, too. They can be brittle and break easily,” Ackerman states on the official Kickstarter page.

“I felt certain there must be a way to move knife-making into the 21st century. My search led me to a remarkable metal alloy initially developed by Caltech and tested by NASA – and later patented.

“I acquired the rights to use this metal alloy and set about determining how best to use it in making a game-changing chef knife that would reinvent the industry and become the new standard.”

The Santoku knife will retail for US$119 (AU$167) and the paring knife will go for US$69 (AU$99), but you can get them both for US$94 (AU$122) through their Kickstarter campaign. Various other reward levels and perks are also available.

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