Featured Image for UPRIGHT GO Review: A gnarly new wearable that does a pretty decent job of fixing your posture

UPRIGHT GO Review: A gnarly new wearable that does a pretty decent job of fixing your posture

I’m a sloucher. I mean, not like Hunchback of Notre Dame level, but I’ve always been vaguely kind of aware that my posture is shit.

So I was pretty keen to go give the UPRIGHT GO a crack since its much-hyped Kickstarter campaign a year or so ago.

The UPRIGHT GO is a small wearable that tries to fix your posture. It blew-up on the crowd-funding page, racking up more than 13,500 backers who pledged over a million bucks – not a bad effort.

The premise is fairly simple. You put this small, lightweight device on your back that monitors your posture and ‘trains’ you by vibrating when you start to slouch.

It then links up to an app which gives you a bunch of helpful data and training programs.

For the most part, the UPRIGHT GO delivers what it promises.

The device itself is phenomenally light and after a few minutes you completely forget that you’re wearing it.

The Pavlovian conditioning of ‘training mode’ seems a little bit sinister, but when you’re trying to correct a lifetime of crappy posture, you need a bit of tough love.

The fear of a quick, passive-aggressive buzz is remarkably effective in making you aware of your posture and even after giving the review unit back I find myself constantly thinking about my posture.

This is probably enough to say that the UPRIGHT GO does its job – but there’s definitely still room for improvement for future iterations.

While the user manual gives some quick advice on fixing your posture – more personalised and specific training and feedback could make a big difference.

Also, putting the device on correctly and calibrating is still quite a fiddly procedure.

For a two-week spell, the device offered plenty, but it’s hard to see the incentive to keep using it beyond say a month or so.

So would I spend the $119.95 for a Chrissy present? Yep. Just.

It’s great at making you aware of your posture, but the next version will have to do a bit more to justify the price tag.

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