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Baffled reporter catches man pretending to be a car seat

In Arlington County, Virginia, recent sightings of a “self-driving” car alarmed and intrigued other road users, who alerted the Arlington County Police Department.

The ACPD had no knowledge of driverless vehicles being tested on their roads, so NBC Washington transportation reporter Adam Tuss decided to take matters into his own hands and get to the bottom of the self-driving car mystery.

Tuss managed to track down the van and what he found was even more baffling than a self driving car.

Once Tuss made his discovery, he was pretty keen to get some answers. But as it turns out, men who like to impersonate car seats don’t like to talk very much.

As we can see, the half man, half car seat refused to answer his questions:

Later, we were almost disappointed to discover that the mutant man-van belonged to Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute, who were simply testing real-world reactions to self-driving cars.

When the truth came out, a reporter asked Tuss how it felt to be disrespected by a car seat.

“I’ve been ignored by a lot of people in my life, so a car seat doesn’t really register to me, y’know. I was fine with that,” Tuss said.

Y’know, that seems only logical.

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