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Here’s a collection of pics of Kim Jong Un looking at things

North Korea Kim Jong Un has led a busy life.

According to a report in The Telegraph, North Koreans are taught that the dictator could drive at age three, raced yachts at age nine and wrote 1500 books while at university.

As an adult, Kim Jong Un became a four-star general (without ever serving in the military), wrote six full operas in two years that contained the best music ever and climbed North Korea’s highest mountain.

Kim mountain

And he did it without boots, hiking gear or equipment.

On top of all that he is the Supreme Leader of the self-proclaimed greatest country on Earth.

But Kim Jong Un is also a man of the people and he often finds time to travel around the country looking at things and grinning.

When the Supreme Leader goes out, he is officially conducting what the North Koreans call “field guidance” and is often surrounded by some military officials furiously taking notes on every word the great man utters.

The tradition of giving his people advice on everything dates back to his grandfather Kim Il-Sung who travelled around the country dispensing wisdom in the 1950s. Since the Kim family are all geniuses who are good at everything, there is clearly much to be learned.

Since 2013, quite a collection of Kim Jong Un out and about have surfaced and they have been diligently catalogued by Fox News. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Here he is in 2013, inspecting biscuits at the delightfully named Foodstuff Factory No. 354. The furry hat really makes this picture:

kim food 2

The same year, he dropped in on the Kumkop General Foodstuff Factory for Sportspersons. With his outstanding physique, he no doubt had a lot to say about the kind of nutrition sportspeople need:

Kim food

In 2014, the world received what is the Gold Standard of Kim Jong Un pics when he visited the Chonji Lubricant Factory. The hair, the grin, the lube, the grim-faced worker next to him. This one has it all:

Kim lube 2

Later that year he was at Pyongyang Hosiery Factory advising workers on how to make colorful children’s socks:

Kim socks

He also paid a visit to an orphanage in 2014, delivering this gem. While he is gleefully mobbed by adoring kids, the look on the woman’s face beside him tells a different story:

Kim kids

After disappearing a bit from public view, Kim Jong Un stormed back onto the scene this year. Maybe the teasing from U.S. President Donald Trump lured him out. Here he is simply thrilled by some apples:

Kim Apples

In October he appeared with this wife, who hadn’t been seen in public for months. He chose the Ryuwon Footwear Factory as the spot for their date. Here they are enjoying themselves watching a sweatshop worker go at it just like any regular couple would:

Kim sewing

He then popped in on the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory where he was reportedly “very pleased” with the range of products that would make North Korean women more beautiful.

Kim cosmetics

Then Last month he had a ball at tractor factory in November:

Kim tractor

This month he was photographed touching a tire in the Amnokgang Tire Factory. These tires were later part of the vehicle that transported North Korea’s Hwasong-15 ICBM. He clearly loves them:

Kim tires

His most recent visit was to a newly built Samjiyon Potato Farina Production Factory. According to North Korean outlet KCNA, the Supreme Leader “acquainted himself in detail with its construction and production” while he was there.

Kim potatoes

“Saying that visitors to the revolutionary battlefields in Ryanggang and other people would be glad to see processed potato products being turned out at the Samjiyon Potato Farina Production Factory, he highly appreciated the feats of the builders, scientists and technicians who contributed to building the factory wonderfully,” the report added.

Tensions between North Korea and the U.S are currently high. Recently Trump called Kim Jong Un “short and fat” and said that they could still be friends.

Silly hair. Meglomania. Compulsive lying. Womanising. Being overweight. These guys have more in common than they think. And look, they both love getting behind the wheel:

Trump truck

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