Featured Image for ICYMI: Greta Van Susteren used sexual harassment scandals to promote her ‘Sorry’ app

ICYMI: Greta Van Susteren used sexual harassment scandals to promote her ‘Sorry’ app

Want to apologise in the most inconsiderate way at the most inappropriate time? There’s an app for that.

With help from the recent string of allegations relating to sexual assault, former Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren is promoting her ‘Sorry’ app.

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ed Westwick, Dustin Hoffman, Louis CK, Matt Lauer and Jeremy Piven are just some of the names mentioned in this storm of allegations.

Even US Senator Al Franken has been exposed for groping a news reader back in 2006 (there’s photographic evidence). It’s just really not a good time for those in the public eye, and rightly so.

Despite how serious the allegations are and how hard all this must be for the victims, Van Susteren thinks it’s the perfect time to publicise her app! Of course, if you’ve been raped or assaulted, a simple apology video sent through a social network should fix you right up!

Using Franken’s allegations as a stepping stone, she posted the following tweet.

Screenshot of Facebook post promoting the "SORRY" app

No, Greta, no.

Aside from the fact that apologising via a phone is totally rude, America is definitely not ready to accept Al Franken’s apology. America doesn’t want ‘sorry,’ they want a resignation.

Surely, after working with the media for 14 years, Greta would know that after the public’s response to Al Franken, she probably shouldn’t suggest an apology for her own financial gain.

Note: she has since deleted her Tweet encouraging the use of the app in relation to this sexual assault.

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