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Gfinity Challenger Series announced: Open competition with $15k monthly prize pool

eSports promoter Gfinity have announced the inaugural edition of the Challenger Series in Australia, allowing gamers from across the country to compete for the chance to be drafted by an Elite Series eSports franchise.

One year after Gfinity’s UK Elite Series proved a roaring success, the competition is being brought down under for 2018 and beyond.

The Australian league will feature Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS: GO), Street Fighter V and Rocket League, with six teams based in Australian major cities battling it out across those games to be crowned champions.

While the Elite Series features professional eSports athletes, there’s a chance for ordinary gamers to earn a place in the competition through the Challenger Series.

The Challenger Series will begin on January 7, although the pre-season competition begins this Thursday, December 7. The Challenger Series is open to any and all gamers and features monthly prize pools of $15,000.

At the conclusion of the Challenger Series is the Elite draft, where the six Elite Series teams pick the best players from the open competition.

In the UK’s first season, 30 players were drafted into Elite Series teams. Three of the six Rocket League finalists were Challenger Series draftees.

The Elite Series itself will run twice in 2018, with each season taking place over seven weeks. The ultimate champions will get to enjoy a share of a $450,000 prize pool – one of the biggest prize pools every offered in an Australian eSports competition.

Incoming Gfinity Australia CEO Dominic Redmond, currently at the Sydney Sixers, said; “[This] provides a clear pathway from amateur to professional, to secure a place in Australia’s newest esports franchises, and be part of the biggest league to launch in Australia.”

Registration for the Gfinity Challenger Series is open now. To register, click here.

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