Featured Image for Trump tries to abuse Theresa May on Twitter, fails spectacularly

Trump tries to abuse Theresa May on Twitter, fails spectacularly

No matter how many times we think Trump can no longer surprise us, he goes and blows our minds again. Today is no exception.

Let’s set the scene: Donald started the day by retweeting a bunch of absurd anti-Muslim videos originally shared by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of far-right party Britain First.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May responded to Trump with condemnation, and the bloody fool tried to strike back with another meaningless rant about Islam. There was only one problem: he tagged the wrong account.

The handle shown above does NOT belong to Theresa May of the UK Prime Minister variety. It actually belongs to one Theresa May Scrivener – who, at the time, had tweeted just nine times to an audience of six followers.

Wrong Theresa May's Twitter acoount

The account is now set to “protected”, meaning all new follows must be approved. While she may have already had this setting enabled, it’s likely she was forced to do so today after a storm of tweets and follow requests clogged her inbox.

Trump has since amended his tweet, but nothing escapes the keen eye of the Internet. Nice one, you twit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s been proven that one of the videos Trump retweeted is a fake.

The video reportedly shows a boy on crutches getting bashed by a man who is claimed to be a Muslim immigrant – turns out the scumbag doing such an appalling thing is Dutch, not a Muslim and certainly not an immigrant.

But don’t worry! A spokesman said that this isn’t an issue. Why not? Because, and I quote, “It’s never the wrong time to talk about security and safety for the American people.”

Yes, this is real.

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