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Can’t find your keys? Study reveals Aussies lose stuff a lot, and it’s costing us billions

Are you the type who’s always losing their car keys, phone and wallets? New research tells us the real-world cost of our collective forgetfulness. 

A recently released Australian study, conducted by Bluetooth tracker company Tile, reveals the blackholes of our bedrooms, cars and carelessness has a staggering cost – amounting to more than $1.2 billion of valuables in the past year alone.

And if you’re also wondering what happened to all that free time you thought you had – searching for misplaced items might be your answer. The study found that Australians spend 800,000 hours per day looking behind the couch cushions and under the car seat.

If you’re always misplacing things, take solace in the fact you’re not alone: 1 in 10 Australians lose something each and every day, spending an average of 29 wasteful minutes searching for their missing goods.

That totals a staggering 7.6 days per year – time that could be spent on holiday, hanging out with friends and family or just not going blue in face rummaging through your house.

We also seem to be in the habit of losing the same things again and again and again. Check out the following figures for Australia’s most lost or misplaced items.

Australia’s most frequently lost items:

  • Purse or wallet (34%)
  • Mobile phone (26%)
  • House keys (24%)
  • Clothing (24%)
  • Bank cards (24%)

Australia’s most frequently misplaced items:

  • TV remote (68%)
  • Mobile phone (68%)
  • House keys (67%)
  • Purse or wallet (58%)
  • Identification document (e.g. driver’s license) (54%)

But it’s not just the time lost that’s worrying, or even the fact that the total value of lost items equals a whopping $1.2 billion each year. To get the true cost, you need to factor in how much we spend on replacing lost items.

38% of Australians have lost an item in the previous year, at an average value of $130, and spend about $115 to replace these products. This cost of replacement adds to the initial loss to place the overall cost of our annual absentmindedness at a staggering $2.2 billion.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, Tile reports that 7 in 10 Aussies accept that an item is gone forever if they can’t find it within a week – 15% are even more cynical giving up hope after only an hour.

Young people, optimistic as always, hold out hope for significantly longer than those in the 65+ bracket who are more than 3 times as likely to give up the hunt within an hour compared to those aged 18-24.

While there’s no cure for misplaced items, this newfound knowledge will hopefully jog your memory the next time you can’t find your TV remote or car keys.

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