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Flossing will never be the same thanks to this badass 3D-Flosser

We’ve all heard our dentist tell us to floss our teeth at least once per day, but what if you could floss all of your teeth in just one bite?

Well, Blizzident has invented something that is promising to do just that. It’s their new 3D-Flosser.

Similar to Blizzident’s toothbrush design, their 3D-Flosser is also a tailored design.

No two flossers will be the same because before anyone can get ahold of their own fancy flosser, they must first visit a dentist to get a 3D scan or impression made before having it sent to Blizzident.

From there, they can use those scans (or impressions) to make a personalized 3D-Flosser frame for your teeth.

All you need to do after you receive the 3D-Flosser is feed the rolls of floss through the channels of the frame and bite down. Each gap in the user’s teeth should then be met by a short strand of floss and voila! Flossing completed.

Blizzident's virtual representation of how their 3D-flosser would work.

Credit: Blizzident

Post-floss, the user can simply pull out the old floss from the frame and cut it off with the integrated blade. Naturally, as the old floss gets pulled out, the new floss is fed through from the spools in the grip.

Impressively, floss spools are reported to last about 500 cleans! After that, the old rolls of floss can easily be replaced (yay!).

However, even though the 3D-printed flossing frame was designed to last, the company admits that breaks are possible – which isn’t surprising considering the 3D-Flosser is only made out of plastic.

But Blizzident claims they “would further optimise it if a break occurred.”

We hope that Blizzident would “optimise it” because dental scans alone are priced between $98-130 AUD, and once that cost is factored into the cost of the 3D-Flosser itself (approximately $260), it totals out to be a pretty high price to pay just for flossing.

But if you’re someone who thinks the price of the 3D-Flosser is worth it for the long terms gains of super-efficient flossing, you’ll be pleased to hear that orders are now available and shipping is predicted to take no more than four weeks.

Happy flossing!

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