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Is Snapchat shutting down?

The Internet was sent into turmoil this week, as rumours circulated that the beloved Snapchat app would be disappearing forever on November 14th.

Oh the humanity! How could we ever go on without it?

The “news” article claiming the photo messaging service would be shortly deleted appeared out of nowhere and spread like wildfire on several social media platforms.

The story was very brief and states that:

The CEO Evan Spiegel of the very popular app Snapchat has released that Snapchat will be removed from all app stores by November 14, 2017. According to Fox News Media Evan has decided to make this decision due to copyright and legal issues with Facebook, Instagram, and Musical.ly. By the date November 14,2017 all Snapchat apps with be removed from all devices and all app stores. DISCLAIMER all data and media associated with the app will also be deleted within the app.

It appears that not many people actually clicked on the article before sharing it around on social media, because if they had they would have realised it was a hoax. “You Got Owned!” is written in the top left-hand corner of the webpage and “You’ve Been Pranked! ” on the right side of the page:

The webpage, Channel45News.com is a prank news generator, one of many on the internet that allow pranksters to create convincing stories that make people spread the “news” before making the realisation that it was all an elaborate joke.

It just goes to show how gullible people can be on the internet.

Surely, if Snapchat really was shutting down, Evan Spiegel would have announced the news on his verified Twitter account, or from the Snapchat Twitter account.

This is how Snapchat users reacted when Snapchat was down for a few hours, so it’s scary to think what they’d be like if it was gone forever.

No need to fear though because the Snapchat Support Twitter page was quick to shut down rumours that the beloved app would be removed permanently.

So there you have it, you can go back to taking pointless selfies of yourself to share with your friends because Snapchat isn’t going anywhere.

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