Featured Image for Pokémon Go creators are making a Harry Potter AR game because sometimes dreams come true

Pokémon Go creators are making a Harry Potter AR game because sometimes dreams come true

Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, are once again prepping for world domination with a new AR Harry Potter game.

On Wednesday the company officially announced that their next project will be Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Right now, the details are a little light.

Niantic says that players will “learn spells, explore their real-world neighbourhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts and team up with other to take down powerful enemies.”

So…a lot like Pokémon Go really. The cynical part of me says it’s just a reskin. But it could also be whole new world of entertainment.

Certain aspects of Harry Potter such as magic, houses and beasts certainly lend themselves well to the concept. And Niantic is teasing “all new technology and gameplay mechanics.”

There is no official word on when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be hitting our phones but Niantic says we should keep an eye on their social channels for updates.

Pokémon Go launched in July 2016 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Gamers and children rubbed their eyes and went Outside, descending on parks in swarms with their phones out in front of them, like they were divining water.

But it famously took 20 years for the creator of Pokémon Go to get it right.

His first game, Ingress, never really caught fire, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be his chance to prove that Pokémon Go wasn’t a fluke.

Niantic are partnering with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and WB Games San Francisco to bring Harry Potter to life in AR. The game will probably launch sometime next year.

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