Featured Image for This designer created performance-enhancing sportswear using condom material

This designer created performance-enhancing sportswear using condom material

If you’ve ever wanted to protect yourself from STIs while running, you’re in luck!

Netherlands-based fashion designer Pauline van Dongen has created a polyisoprene suit specifically for athletes who compete in long jump.

Polyisporene is the material used in SKYN® condoms as an alternative to latex which provides a softer sensation during use, as well as a contraception method for those with latex allergies.

According to van Dongen’s website, her philosophy is “based on the belief that technology can add new value and meaning to fashion.”

SKYN® condoms collaborated with the designer on this project to create this aerodynamic apparel which is made from SKYNFEEL™ – the brand name for their polyisporene.

The company describes their project as “taking our condom material out of the bedroom and onto the athletics track.”

The designer’s website explains that “SKYNFEEL™ APPAREL sets out to minimise body limitations and bring extra air time to the long jump athlete.”

The suit is extremely lightweight and moulds to the body of the athlete to ensure maximum performance. The edges of the suit have cut-out flaps inspired by dragonfly wings which open during the jump to sustain air time.

Futuristic athletic wear to improve our performance *and* protection from sexual nasties? This is definitely something we want to try out!

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