Featured Image for A year after Trump took power, Democrats have surfed a wave of memes to win key state elections

A year after Trump took power, Democrats have surfed a wave of memes to win key state elections

Do you remember November 7, 2016?

It was the day Donald Trump’s victory shocked the world.

Some Trump supporters ascribe the win to what they call “meme magic”, an occultish belief in the Power of Pepe to sway voters.

But now – exactly one year later – the left is enjoying a little magic of its own.

On November 7, Democratic governors rode a tide of anti-Trump sentiment to win elections in Virginia and New Jersey, while Virginia’s House of Delegates also saw a huge number of seats flipped in the Democrats’ favour.

Notably, the win included numerous seats for women and minorities and one for the first trans woman to become a state legislator in America.

Many are seeing the wins as a backlash against Trump’s first year in office and the Democrats have been eager to perpetuate this idea.

“The Democratic Party is back,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told reporters on Wednesday morning.

“We’re taking our country back from Donald Trump one election at a time.”

To paraphrase Spidey, with great power comes great memes.

In honour of the Dems big wins, many took to Twitter with a “me on election day 2016 vs me on election day 2017” meme. Here are some highlights:

With Trump’s approval ratings at an all-time low and these major wins and memes behind them, the Democrats have every reason to be optimistic about next year’s midterms.

What they need now is a good candidate for President in 2020.

In situations like this, we can turn to the wisdom of the bookies.

Oddschecker currently has the top five Democratic Candidate for President as follows:

Joe Biden: 4 to 1
Kamala Harris: 4.8 to 1
Elizabeth Warren: 6.8 to 1
Bernie Sanders: 8.8 to 1
Michelle Obama: 11.5 to 1

But Trump is still the favourite for the outright win at 3.75 to 1.

Regardless of what happens in politics, the Great Meme War of 2020 has begun, folks.

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