Ryan Reynolds epic Instagram revenge on his wife has lit up the Internet

Is there really a better couple than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively? We think not.

The two are known for poking fun at each either through their back and forth Instagram posts, but it seems that Reynolds hadn’t quite recovered from the hilarious message Lively posted on Instagram for his birthday.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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A post which Lively had shared in retaliation to the one Reynolds posted for her birthday.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Reynolds took to the social platform to share a snap of Lively on the set of her film, The Rhythm Section.

Looking nothing like the actress we all know, Lively is clearly in character. Her trademark blonde locks are concealed under a blue knit cap, she wears ill-fitting clothing and not an ounce of make-up on her face.

Reynolds opted to caption the image “#nofilter”, a humorous nod to Lively’s, urm, pared-back new look.


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Lively isn’t the only one that Reynolds makes jokes about: his children have also been known to feature in some pretty brutal but hysterical tweets.

He is absolutely going to be that dad that takes enjoyment from embarrassing his kids. We feel sorry for his daughter’s prospective partners because there is no way he’s going to let them off easy.

As for Lively and Reynolds, their tongue-in-cheek Instagram posts truly are a testament to the couple’s perfectly in-step sense of humour. It seems that the pair relies on laughter, and a bit of good-natured trolling, to fuel the flames of their love.

Not taking oneself or each other too seriously. These two are major relationship goals.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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