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The internet just found the woman who shamelessly stole an Uber driver’s tips

Reddit blew up on Tuesday night with a video of a woman brazenly stealing an Uber driver’s tips, and she’s since been tracked down.

The incident, which actually took place in August but only recently exploded across multiple subreddits, shows the woman look directly at the camera, remove some clothing from her crotch area (?) and then snatch a few bills from the driver.

The woman was universally hated throughout Reddit and beyond, with users denouncing the act as trashy, low and a prime of example of a human doing a Very Shitty Thing.

The driver told The Daily Mail that he contacted Uber about the incident, who said that the rider had flat out denied taking the money so he had best send his dashcam footage to the local police.

Thanks for nothing, Uber.

The poor guy was too busy working to file a police report and the whole thing may have been forgotten forever if it didn’t end up on Reddit.

Since the incident has received all this attention, Uber says it has deactivated the woman’s account. However, many have noted that it will be very easy for her to create another one.

The internet loves a good witch hunt, and it has taken less than a day for the woman in question to be found.

It turns out she is an 18-year old Instagram model named Gabrielle Canales.

Canales posts frequently on her Instagram account, including posts on the day of the now infamous tip theft.

She had reportedly been at an underwear shoot in Brooklyn, which explains why she was wearing a bra in the video.

No closure on why she had something stashed up her skirt though.

Gabita also bragged about being a jerk, sharing screenshots of news articles of the theft on social media and mocking the petty crime.

She says she only stole $5 and later returned it to the man, which – given what we know about her – is probably a lie.

Uber rolled out in-app tipping for Uber drivers in select cities in June. Although the app is cashless, drivers can also receive cash tips.

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