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Office workers beware: Your coffee mug probably has faecal matter in it

It might feel like the responsible thing to do, to have your tea or coffee at work rather than buying it, but some research has shown otherwise…

Trust us on this one, just buy the latte.

A 1997 study
– that’s right, we only JUST noticed – found that up to 90 per cent of mugs in office kitchens are covered in germs.

But that’s not all: 20 per cent of those mugs were actually found to carry faecal matter!

Did anyone else just recall the countless times they obliviously enjoyed a cup of joe in the office?

Yep. Same.

But at least we can find some relief in the fact that Dr Charles Gerba, the man who conducted the study, pinpointed the cause behind such unsanitary conditions. He concluded that reusing the same sponge or washcloth over and over again was to blame for the abundance of bacteria.

Dr. Gerba says that the safest thing you can do to avoid your co-workers’ faecal matter is to either take your mug home each night and put it through the dishwasher or to invest in a small dishwasher for the office.

Can you imagine showing up to the office Christmas party like, “Surprise! I brought us a dishwasher! No more faecal matter for us! Where’s the eggnog?”

All jokes aside, for the offices that don’t already have a dishwasher, this is an unlikely solution for various reasons (space, cost, etc.).

Also, not to point the blame at any gender here, but a subsequent study was conducted in 2012 and found that men’s offices had “significantly” more bacteria than women’s.

Either way, man and woman should come together to promote the importance of washing our hands with soap and water!

For anyone who is still traumatised by these statistics, think of it this way: ignorance is bliss.

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