Samsung’s new Galaxy ad is the most brutal take down of the year

Samsung’s latest 60-second ad is absolutely savage.

The Korean company calls out Apple and the iPhone for their technological inferiority, hiding one particularly nasty jab right at the end.

Every major issue with the iPhone from the past ten years resurfaces in this ad. We follow a guy named Erik through each of his iPhones, pausing whenever he has an issue such as storage space, screen size, dongles or waterproofing.

On the contrast, we see how his girlfriend’s phone measures up, year after year offering simple solutions to common Apple problems. Although, we miss the scene the couple was escorted off a plane because her Galaxy note 7 spontaneously combusted.

Nevertheless, the ad ends with Erik making the switch to Samsung, and the ad’s title, Growing Up, all makes sense.

These aggressive marketing campaigns are typical of the tech giants, although Samsung has been rather quiet since their exploding-phone issues last year.

Despite this major setback, Samsung has definitely come back swinging, this ad is brutal.

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