Featured Image for This program can enhance your low-res photographs for free

This program can enhance your low-res photographs for free

We’ve all had that devastating moment in our lives where we think we’ve found the perfect photograph, but then the quality is terrible.

It’s the thing nightmares are made of because there has never been an easy way to fix it, until now.

Founded by Alex Savsunenko (a chemistry PhD) and Vladislav Pranskevičius (a former CTO), Let’s Enhance is a new online photo-enhancing program which enables you to take your lousy low-resolution snaps and turn them into clear high-resolution images.

Check out the results in the image below:

I’m sure you’re thinking it can’t be that simple, but it is. The website invites you to drag and drop your image and then instantly gets to work on the magical transformation.

It was made to be easy to use, so even the most computer illiterate people will be able to do it.

The software’s secret lies in its use of neural networks – computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks of human and animal brains. 

The results are surprisingly accurate, and the software is due to improve with continued use.

The short video above, posted to the Let’s Enhance Facebook page, shows the two filters that are being offered, Boring and Magic.

According to the post, “both will upscale your images 4x (that’s 4 times more pixels). It is like going from an old TV to a new Ultra HD in one step.

“Boring filter will do the upscaling, while preserving existing details and edges, while Magic filter will do an extra step – it will draw and hallucinate new details.

“We recommend doing Boring filter for illustrations, logos and vectors, while Magic works great for photos.”

So, if you’ve got some low-res pictures that really need some help, we recommend you try out Let’s Enhance for free via their website and see for yourself just how amazing the results are.

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