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This New York Times comment has gone viral and it’s the most wholesome thing ever

The world of online comments can be a scary place.

For example, go to any popular or controversial YouTube video and read the comments. You probably won’t have a good time.

And you just know the content is going to be juicy when you see that comments have been disabled.

With all the hate out there, it’s really refreshing to see a nice, wholesome comment going viral.

The comment in question was written by ChristineMcM on The New York Times website.

Commenting on an article titled ‘As G.O.P. Bends Toward Trump, Critics Either Give In or Give Up,’ Christine responded with the following:

It doesn’t take Sherlock to figure out what happened here. Christine was clearly using voice dictation for her comment when someone interrupted her, sidetracking the conversation.

Either that or Christine has serious mental problems and should seek help.

Christine’s comment now has a couple of thousand retweets, which suggests that the public is pretty sick of the state of U.S. politics and hungry for some wholesome memes.

Christine later confirmed that the comment was due to her friend arriving and admitted it did make her sound like Sarah Palin, who is famous for spouting ‘word salad’.

There are still a few lingering questions though. What’s Norman doing in the cave? Is Christine still trapped in her chair? Did her knee get better?

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