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Cancel all your plans, because a pop-up avocado cafe is coming to Sydney

Warning: get a napkin, because you may salivate all over your phone, tablet or keyboard while reading this.

We all know the basic needs of life: oxygen, shelter, food, drink, avocados and sleep.

Can you spot the odd one out? It’s sleep, because it’s become apparent I can operate on none of it.

More importantly, it’s time to tighten your man buns and draft your Instagram hashtags because there’s a pop-up avocado cafe hitting Sydney.

It’s called Good Fat (we’re already sold) and it’s opening at 355 Crown St Surry Hills on November 2. They’ll be serving up dishes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, with every single menu item incorporating our beloved green fruit.

But there’s bad news: it’s only going to be around from November 2 until November 30, and applications have already closed for Head of Avo Control. Yes, they actually advertised a position on Seek for someone to taste test and approve every dish on the menu.

If it helps, I also missed out and will be crying myself to sleep on a bed of smashed avo.

Good Fat’s opening hours will be 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 5pm Sundays, and nothing on the menu will cost more than twenty bucks. Streuth!

Obviously, the chef behind this orgasmic concept is an absolute genius. His name is Liam Crawley, and we had the pleasure of speaking with him about Good Fat and what kind of dishes we can look forward to.

The Avocornetto from Good Fat

The AvoCornetto in all its glory.

Where did the idea for an avocado pop-up cafe start and how did it come to fruition?

The idea follows the success of dedicated avocado cafes in Amsterdam and New York. Hort Innovation and creative agency Background Creative Counsel seized on this global trend of niche, avocado dining as a way for the Australian avocado industry to encourage Australians to ​eat more avocados.

Australians already​ eat 74 million avocados a year, which translates to 3.1kg of the green stuff consumed per Aussie. But I’m excited to create and serve even more ways they can eat it!

What kind of dishes can we expect to be munching on when the cafe opens?

I’ve​ created 20 avocado dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that make smashed avocado look like old news. Our signature dishes include:

    – Avocado Breakfast Skins: an all-in-one avocado smoothie bowl with avocado blended with acai, banana and blueberry with fresh mango, sliced avocado, granola and hemp seeds, served in an avocado skin

    – Avocornetto: avocado ice cream, shaved dark chocolate, sweet pumpkin shortbread cream, praline and drizzled with salted caramel in a waffle cone

    – The Avochetta: pistachio dukkah coated avocado, whipped feta, blistered heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and good Australian olive oil on sourdough

In your mind, what values make someone the perfect Head of Avo Control?

To fulfil the role of Head of Avo Control, we are looking for an enthusiastic ‘avocate’ for one of Australia’s favourite fruits. It’s a bit of fun but they’ll need ​a minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast, know​ how to check avocado ripeness by gently pressing the sweet spot and a healthy history of successful avocado selection.

What’s your favourite thing about avocados?

Avocados are just such a versatile fruit. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savoury, breakfast or dinner, Mexican or Japanese, avocado can be used in every meal, drinks included.

And you can’t go past their awesome health benefits – avocados are a healthy source of plant fat (the good fat that keeps us full and helps control our appetites).

What comes after November? A pop-up somewhere else or a permanent cafe (PLEASE)?

If Good Fat is a success, we want to be able to spread the avo love and might look at doing it again in another city.

With your focus on affordability, do you think millennials can now get rich without worrying about how much they spend on avocado toast?

When creating the menu, affordability was at the forefront of our mind. That’s why no dish is over $20, with the average price of $15.​

For the really budget conscious, they can take inspiration from our menu and recreate their own avocado adaptations at home. The recipes of the dishes will be on the back of the menus and on the website.

Thanks a bunch, Liam!

Just to recap, this guy has created 20 avocado dishes, is making the recipes publicly available and crammed several avocado puns into a single interview.

Yes, he is the greatest man alive.

See you at Good Fat!

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