Featured Image for Family trait? We now have enough evidence to suggest Ivanka Trump and words do not go well together

Family trait? We now have enough evidence to suggest Ivanka Trump and words do not go well together

Or could she be a robot? We really don’t know. One thing is for sure, to seek for meaning in her declarations is akin to finding a reference to Kant in a Nicki Minaj song.

Every time I listen to Ivanka Trump I lose a bit of faith in humanity. Honestly, I cannot believe how her awkwardly constructed, over-calculated, self-promotional diatribe has somehow, someway labelled her among a certain sector of the public as a feminist and champion of gender equality in the workplace.

If anything, she could be an example of how advanced bots are these days.

Like seriously, just do this little experiment. Close your eyes while she’s talking, and tell me if she doesn’t sound like Alexa.

I know right? You just gotta admire how she stacks piles of weightless, puffy words one on top of the other to create phrases that eerily resemble human speech.

Recently, Vice politics writer Eve Peyser recollected a series of examples of Trump Jr.’s exquisite use of the English language. I have to admit, this would be extremely hilarious if she wasn’t a senior advisor to the president of the United States. Not to mention the possible ethics violations that such a travesty signifies.

Oh, should we mention her inclination to use the word “architect” as a verb? Or what’s worse, should I mention her clumsy attempt to seem relatable to the 99% of us peasants by stating she had a “punk” phase that consisted of wearing flannel shirts and listening to Nirvana?

Given her book “Women who Work” showcases her ability to use Google to look up famous quotes, it’s weird she didn’t use it to find out that what she’s describing is grunge, not punk.

Well, maybe I’m being too harsh, and sweet, diplomatic Ivanka is in fact the pinnacle of Artificial Intelligence. After all, she does speak in code.

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