‘It was brutal’: Woody Harrelson reveals what it was like to have dinner with Trump in 2002

In a conversation with Bill Maher, Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson retells his excruciating experience at a dinner with Donald Trump back in 2002.

The US president has been incredibly successful at showing the world how much of a spoiled, self-centred brat he is. But extra confirmation is always nice.

Bill Maher invited the Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson to his HBO show “Real Time” this past Friday, and among other things, the actor retold his experience with Donald Trump back in 2002 when the now-President of the US was planning his entry into politics as a Democrat.

Yep, Trump was going to going for the 2004 Democratic ticket for the presidency, and he was thinking of Jesse Ventura, former WWE Wrestler and action star (remember the cowboy in Predator?) to accompany him as vice president.

Yeah I know, American politics are kind of… peculiar.

International viewers can check out the clip here

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