Featured Image for Adam Sandler awkwardly touching Claire Foy is just WAY too embarrassing

Adam Sandler awkwardly touching Claire Foy is just WAY too embarrassing

Adam Sandler, a guy who’s starred in some of the most mediocre mainstream comedies of the last couple of decades, has completely surpassed his cringe levels in a recent interview on the Graham Norton show.

On this weekend’s Graham Norton show, Adam Sandler seemed to act just a bit too friendly with actress and fellow guest, Claire Foy.

While answering questions and interacting with fellow performers Emma Thompson and Cara Delevingne, the comedian nonchalantly placed his hand on Claire Foy’s knee. The British actress immediately squirmed and took his hand back to his own knee to give him one hell of a hint that the gesture was making her feel rather uncomfortable.

Foy’s movement was so obvious that Sandler reacted by placing his hand on her knee yet again in what looked to be a clumsy attempt to… show no wrongdoing in the first place? Or was it a defence mechanism after being rejected? Maybe? I really don’t know.

The only thing for certain is that the whole exchange is so embarrassing you just want to forget it ever happened.

The 51-year-old touched Foy on the knee while talking about a past Emmy award nomination, so perhaps it was actually an attempt to acknowledge her nomination this year for her role in the hit drama “The Crown” (she ended up winning, just FYI).

The gesture might’ve been friendly and well intended, but it is incredibly ill-timed given Hollywood is still shaken by the explosion of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

A spokesperson for Sandler claimed his tactile gesture has been “blown out of proportion”, while a representative from Foy’s camp echoed Sandler’s comments, saying, “We don’t believe anything was intended by Adam’s gesture and it has caused no offence to Claire.”

Twitter did give the poor guy hell though:

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