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Man for all seasons: Barack Obama has just been called up for jury duty

Former US President Barack Obama has received a letter indicating he’s been called up for jury duty – and he’s confirmed he plans to attend.

Since leaving office in January Obama has spent most of his time windsurfing and generally enjoying some rest and relaxation, but has suggested he plans to honour his civic duty.

The 44th President possesses a law degree from Harvard University and went on to become a lawyer and a law professor, so he’s no newcomer to the ins and outs of the legal profession.

The Cook County, Illinois, chief judge has agreed to the extra security detail that is considered necessary for the former commander-in-chief. While Obama still lives in Washington DC, he maintains a residence in the Cook County district of Chicago.

While we never thought Obama’s role within the justice system would be over, it’s probably not the most likely place we would’ve expected to see him again.

During the campaign, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said she’d definitely consider nominating Obama for any upcoming vacant slots on the US Supreme Court. Although Hillary didn’t win and we all know what happened instead, plenty of commentators inside and outside the legal profession have suggested he’d be a perfect fit.

Obama is not the first former president to discharge their civic duty by reporting for jury service. George W Bush reported for jury duty in Dallas, Texas in 2015, while former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry served as a jury foreman after being called up in 2005.

Obama has so far not publicly commented on his jury service, but it’d take a brave defence lawyer who would try and strike him off.

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