Featured Image for Netflix just nailed former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce on Twitter

Netflix just nailed former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce on Twitter

As Techly told you yesterday, a ruling by the High Court has led to the forced standing down of several Australian politicians – including Deputy Prime Minister and National Party MP Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce and his parliamentary colleagues Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters (Greens), Malcolm Roberts (One Nation) and Fiona Nash (also Nationals) have been ruled ineligible to serve in Australian parliament due to their citizenship of other countries.

Joyce’s New Zealand citizenship – acquired through his father – has disqualified him to serve in parliament, but apparently won him a new ‘bro’.

Netflix Australia and New Zealand, or at least the Twitter account of the popular streaming service, has reassured Joyce that he’ll have plenty to do in his down time, now that he doesn’t need to run the country or harass Johnny Depp.

No word yet on what kind of package Barnaby is set to receive, or whether it’ll come with all of Johnny’s classics.

According to section 44 of the Australian Constitution, persons with dual citizenship are deemed to have a form of “allegiance to a foreign power” and therefore are unable to stand in that capacity.

The decision has forced a number of bi-elections across the country and has effectively rendered the Liberal-National coalition into minority government.

Joyce said only weeks ago that he was as true blue as Tamworth Base Hospital and had nothing to worry about.

In other news, Joyce is going to have another decision to make. With the Rugby League World Cup just kicking off, old Barnaby might find himself a bit conflicted.

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