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Stop everything, Golden Gaytime Sangas now exist

It goes without saying that the Golden Gaytime is one of the most loved Australian ice-creams.
So when Streets decided to start bringing out experimental versions of the delicious treat, people couldn’t be more excited.

First there was the seasonally-available tub of Gaytime ice-cream, described as a gastronomical and price-point miracle.

Now more recently we have enjoyed the new flavours Cappuccino Buzz and Unicorn.

And yes Unicorn is as colourful as you’d think it’d be.

HOLY CAPPUCCINO!!! ITS BACK!! All hail the ice-cream gods!

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Gay Unicorn Time ? ? ?

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Plus, Streets have taken a political standpoint and shown their support for same-sex marriage with their ‘Rainbow’ version, but how could they not with a name like Gaytime.

HEY GUYS 7 more days left to ENROLL in the upcoming postal plebiscite, whichever side you agree with… GIVE a SHIT!! Link in bio:

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They also recently rolled out a tin of Gaytime crumbs that seemed like it would be the undeniable hit of summer, but they’ve gone and outdone themselves and are bringing out something even better.

Giving Maxibon a run for their money, Streets have created Golden Gaytime Sangas that will surely be ruling Summer 2017/2018.

Here we come Maxibon!!!

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We’re not sure when these will hit stores, but with summer not far away it can only be a matter of time before they do.

Until then feel free to hassle every supermarket and milk-bar in Australia.

Wait, do milk-bars even exist anymore?

You’ll have no choice but to share these with your family and friends because as the saying goes, ‘it’s hard to have a gaytime on your own’.

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