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An Apple engineer has been fired after his daughter leaked video of iPhone X in action

YouTuber Brooke Amelia Peterson has leaked video footage of the new iPhone X – and just got her dad in big trouble.

The video, which has since been removed from her channel, featured her visiting her dad at Caffè Macs on the Apple campus.

Dad iswas apparently an Apple engineer who should really know better.

He seems totally aware his daughter is filming and completely blasé about handing over the hotly anticipated device on the eve of preorders being made available to the public.

The video has since been ripped and re-uploaded because nothing ever dies on the internet.

“I do the Apple Pay on the phone so I wanted to test it,” dad chuckles while paying for something at the café.

Way to humble brag in front of the poor old café worker mate. We get it, you are a big shot engineer and he’s just a barista.

Sure, the iPhone X has already been announced and the new features have been advertised, but given Apple’s reputation for secrecy and the fact that the phone was not available to the public at the time of the video, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was dad’s last trip to Caffè Macs.

Yep – he has since been fired.

Over lunch he casually passes the iPhone X to his daughter, seemingly unaware of the terrible idea this is.

He even tells the daughter it’s written as the X but pronounced “10”, despite calling it the “X” while showing off to the barista.

At this point, she is talking to the camera, which should set off alarm bells in dad’s head. It doesn’t. She spends some time cooing about how pretty the phone is, does a quick demo and has a play with the camera.

Unless this is some kind of wacky viral marketing thing, I’m sure Apple CEO Tim Cook will be thrilled about this video. The iPhone X is scheduled for release in Australia on November 3 with pre-orders starting October 27.

Prices start at your left kidney for the 64-gigabyte model and go up to your firstborn child for the 256-gigabyte one.

The Nikkei Asian Review reports Apple will only manage to ship around 20 million units this year, which is half the planned amount.

The reduction is due to technical issues related to the new Face ID feature.

That’s not dad’s fault, he does Apple Pay, remember?

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