Featured Image for ICYMI: Facebook is rolling out a host of original TV shows!

ICYMI: Facebook is rolling out a host of original TV shows!

Just when we’d thought we hit peak streaming hype, Facebook has decided to throw their hat in the ring with Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Hulu, Amazon et al.

The social media site has already made a bunch of original TV shows available to a selective group of users, with plans to expand throughout the US and internationally to rival the other binge-watching TV platforms.

According to Business Insider, Facebook’s original plan was to launch approximately 24 shows in 2017.

The company with a global audience of 2 billion aims to sign some A-list celebrities to their projects, including a dating show. Some shows will be full-length seasons, whereas some will be 10-minute episodes that refresh daily.

The content appears in Facebook’s ‘Watch’ tab (which will only be visible when the content is available in your region) as well as on AppleTV’s video app that was launched earlier this year.

We know that ads will raise revenue for this added bonus to the platform, however it is unclear whether the company will eventually adopt a subscription-based method of payment for people wishing to view the shows.

We’re not sure Facebook is ready to surpass Netflix in the TV game… at least, not yet. Facebook and chill, anyone?

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