Featured Image for Gran Turismo Sport is finally here and was totally worth the wait

Gran Turismo Sport is finally here and was totally worth the wait

There’s a lot to love about Gran Turismo Sport.

It’s the kind of game you end up with when developers clearly know exactly what their fanbase want to see, and focus every effort on translating those expectations into a complete, polished package.

The Gran Turismo franchise has now entered its 20th year and, as one of the countless automotive enthusiasts who has grown up with the series, I’ve been eagerly awaiting my chance to get hands-on with GT Sport.

I was not let down; the game is sublime, in every detail.

GT Sport cars driving around a track

The graphics are stunning.

The rousing cries of exotic motors draw you heart-first into the world of GT Sport, as you tear around meticulously reconstructed real-world tracks, the thrill of each race punctuated by the faithfully reproduced burbles and cracks of your favourite supercars’ exhaust notes, ricocheting around you.

You’ll be equally appreciative of how GT Sport feels.

The game’s physics engine is incredibly well-crafted and highly rewarding to those who enjoy the opportunity to master a complex, detailed racing system.

Dually, more casual players are able to easily jump in and immediately have fun without being punished for their inexperience, due to the sophisticated set of driving assists made available.

A GT Sport car at sundown.

Every little detail has been accounted for.

There’s a lot of content to keep you interested for a long time to come.

You’ll have the opportunity to pilot over 150 cars from over 30 of the world’s greatest manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche.

Your domain will be 19 real locations from around the world, with 40 different circuit layouts spread between them. Yes, Bathurst is in there.

Impressively, GT Sport can run in 4K if you’ve got a PS4 Pro and a 4K screen, and boy does it look stunning in this configuration.

As great as the screenshots look, even they can’t do it justice.

If you need a breather from the track then you’ve also got the option of toying around with the ‘Scapes’ feature, which allows you to photograph all of GT Sport’s cars against lusciously detailed, real-life backgrounds.

It’s a great touch, and some of the shots you can produce require more than a second look to discern from reality.

One of the most enticing features of GT Sport is its full support for Playstation’s PSVR; if you’re a fan of the technology, you’re in for an absolute treat.

Flying around Bathurst in a Porsche GT3 RS, looking through each apex as if I were there, was an absolute riot.

Know a friend or family member who’s a hopeless auto fanatic? Do they have a PS4? Get this game into their hands immediately. They’ll love you for it.

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