Mark Latham and NO campaigners falling off a stage in unison is everything you need right now

Are you looking for a good way to start your Monday?

Look no further than this video of former Australian politician-turned-commentator Mark Latham falling off his chair.

Latham and some other team NOers spoke at a same-sex marriage forum held south of Sydney on Sunday.

The video shows Latham returning to his chair – after presumably spouting some nonsense – and then falling backwards off the stage.

The Daily Telegraph‘s Miranda Devine was also caught in Latham’s vortex along with the Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton.


It’s really the perfect metaphor for the NO argument, which is also as flimsy as a plastic chair.

Latham recently wrote that voting YES would “open a can of worms” because it will lead to the legitimization of “gender fluidity”.

And Devine is convinced that NO voters are the true victims and find themselves “at the mercy of the law.”

Meanwhile, Shelton once compared the children of same-sex couples to victims of the stolen generation.

You get the drift. OK, time to watch them all fall off their chairs again.

Sky News reports that team NO won the debate. But it looks like YES will win the postal survey.

A recent Sky News ReachTel poll found more than 64% of those surveyed had voted YES. But 5 million people are yet to vote and people like this idiot aren’t giving up without a fight:

The final deadline for voting is November 7th.

We don’t advocate violence against NO voters, and no one was hurt in the chair incident. It’s just fun to see them look like fools.

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